28 December, 2012

Crispy McBacon & Curly Fries - Rome, Italy - January 2009

Consumed on 1 January 2009
Price - 6.20 Euro = ~$8.20 (Upsized Combo)
Calories - Burger = 485kcal.  Large Curly Fries = Unknown
My terrible Twister Fries experience in Malaysia made me dig up an older photo of when I was able to have the Curly Fries in Italy way back in 2009.  My friend Kchan and I were in Rome over New Years, and I'm not totally sure WHY we had McDonald's at 4pm, but it was probably my idea because even back then I was interested in trying special items.  Granted I probably should have picked a true limited time burger rather than the Crispy McBacon, which is actually a regular menu item.  The Twisty Fries were a promo item at the time and were free with any upsized combo.  That's all for today, as I won't give something I ate 4 years ago a accurate rating.  But the comment I have when I posted this to my Facebook page back in 2009 was that "they were pretty good".  The burger is a standard double patty beef burger topped with bacon, and only bacon...Sounds pretty gross thinking about it.

Back in a few days with a new review.

Digging through the McDonald's Italy website there are a tonne of more interesting menu items I could have tried - Hopefully these photos hold you over for a couple days. 
Egypt has Fish Sticks, Italy has Fried Shrimp!

A standard alternative to the regular fries.

You can swap out your fries for some cherry tomatoes.

You can even snack on a hunk of Parmesan cheese!

They also have a couple promo items going on now which look pretty good.