03 December, 2012

Creme Brulee McFlurry - Singapore - November 2012

McDonald's Singapore Creme Brulee McFlurry

Consumed on 28 November 2012
Location - McDonald's Bishan Junction 8, Singapore
Price - $2.90SGD = ~$2.38USD
Calories - ~350kcal
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McDonald's Bishan Receipt

Last week, my girlfriend and I had dinner at Bishan Junction, as we had to get something from there earlier in the evening.  As Bishan isn't the nicest place to walk around, we used the opportunity to try the new Creme Brulee McFlurry at McDonald's as it was something I had put off the the couple days prior.  The mall, station, restaurants, shops and even this McDs was heaving with people, it was diffcult for us to find an open seat in this cramped (and terrible lit) branch.  The branch was dark, with terrible overhead lighting.  It made taking photos difficult.  I took one of my GF posing with the McFlurry, but the lighting made her look 15 years older than she is, so she prohibited me from uploading it.  You'll have to survive with watching me eat this one...

Wow, that cup looks tiny in my hands.

I wonder what happens to these after the promo item is finished.

The promo photos actually looked pretty promising, but I still have nightmares from the Creme Brulee McFlurry which I tried back in Canada last Christmas (and rated a 1/5). Though the Caramel syrup is the same, thankfully the 'crispy' bits were totally different. The inclusion of Oreo bits, though a bit tiresome, since there have been multiple, similar, lacklustre, promo McFlurry's in Singapore over the past few months that continue to use Oreo rather than trying something new or unique, it still ended up being a much nicer combination than the Canadian version.

The infamous 'Dessert Kiosk'
The crispy bits in the Singapore version of the Creme Brulee McFlurry used softer, almost cereal-like bits to add a crunchyness to the ice cream.  This worked well, and didn't distract from the ice cream by being too hard like the Canadian one did.  The combination of the caramel, these bits and Oreo mixed well together  but it was a little too similar to the recent ToffeeNut McFlurry.  I rated that a 5/5 because it tasted great, as did this.  That was made well, as was this.  But this will not receive a 5/5.

Rating - 4/5
- To similar to recent promo McFlurry's - Come on McDonald's Singapore, enough Oreo variants. Give us something truly unique.
- A price increase of $0.20.  If the ToffeeNut can be $2.70, why not this as well?