26 November, 2012

Tuna Salad + Veggie Burger - Doha, Qatar - December 2009

McDonald's Tuna Salad and Veggie Burger

Consumed on - XX December 2009 (I'll hunt down the specific date later)
Location - Villagio Mall, Doha, Qatar
Price - Unknown
Calories - Veggie Burger - 517kcal.  Salad - Unknown

Here's another retro review, but I have another 4-6 new items to review over the next 2 weeks, then I will be going on another trip which hopefully will give me even more new items to review, so keep an eye out!

I tried the Tuna Salad, and Veggie Burger back in 2009 in Doha.  I was only in Qatar for about 24 hours, and it was my first, only trip since to the country. I'm flying through Doha next week, but I opted for the quick 70 minute connection this time, as I'm with my girlfriend, and to avoid the visa fees for a short transit stop.

At the time, both the Tuna Salad, and the Veggie Burger were "New" options, I don't think they were limited items, but new additions to the menu.  Seems like the Veggie burger stuck around, as its still available, as well as the smaller and cheaper Veggie Surprise.  This was my second time having a Veggie Burger at a McDonald's with my first being in India back in 2006, but comparing the photos of the two, it seems like the Indian burger is closer to the Qatari Veggie Surprise, rather than this burger.  I actually have a couple of notes in my trip log about this meal.  I enjoyed this burger more than the Indian version, and that the outer shell was crispy, but not burnt, and that the veggies inside the patty had a flavour which worked well with mayo, but and wasn't heavy on one single vegetable. The Veggie Surprise is served with Ketchup, which would have ruined it for me.  At 520kcal and lots of fat and sodium, the Veggie Burger is far from a healthy alternative to say a 590kcal Quarter Pounder, but its noticeably healthier than the 900kcal Big Tasty, which I remember from having in Jordan, properly big, and indeed pretty tasty.

Surprisingly, I think this is the first salad review on McDonald's Around the World, as much as McD's likes to promote their healthy alternatives to the Big Mac, and it seems that most countries have some kind of salad option, they just aren't that unique to me, so I usually skip them.  At the time in Qatar the Tuna Salad was new and being promoted heavily, so I gave it a try anyway.  The notes I have on the Tuna Salad are this = "Mum would like it".  Probably not the most interesting reading, but if you look at the photo (sadly, this is the only one I have...) you can see large chunks of tuna, as well as some tomato pieces and a dressing that I cannot remember if it was good, bad, or indifferent.  Since the salad has since been discontinued, it either cost too much to make, or didn't sell well enough.

Don't worry long time readers, this is the last retro review for a couple of weeks, I need to post these every now and then, or the old photos just get older.

Back in a few days.