12 November, 2012

Strawberry Kit Kat McFlurry - Nagoya, Japan - October 2012

Seemingly a lack of Strawberry

Consumed on - 21 October
Location - Nagoya, Japan
Price - 230JPY = ~$2.90USD
Calories - ~250kcal 
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The other item on the receipt was the Big Tsukimi Burger
Here is the other item I had during my quick stop in Nagoya when going back to Singapore last month.  My colleague and I were able to try the catch the Strawberry Kit Kat McFlurry before it finished its promotional run. We had it at the same time as the Big Tsukimi Burger, and as this was not our proper lunch, we only shared one between the two of us.  I was a little disappointed with the presentation, as usually McDonald's Japan items look shockingly similar to their promo photos.  This looked kind of how the rest of the world does McFlurries, pretty sad...

As I have been through Japan, and tried many Japanese McDonald's items, I wasn't surprised with the price, or the size.  My colleague was disappointed with both, nearly $3USD and a smaller than average cup, which was only 3/4 full. McDonald's Japan only estimate their McFlurrys to be around ~210-240kcal on their official website, compared to the 250-350kcal McFlurrys from other countries, so though you might be paying more for your ice cream, at least you are saving your waistline a little bit.  

Also, for those of you who aren't familiar, but Japan is Kit Kat crazy.  They always have new limited edition, localised, regional, and holiday variants of Kit Kat bars.  I personally try to pick them up when I see them, so I've tried some simple variants like Strawberry, Raspberry and Green Tea, and I've also tried some more off the wall ones like Ramune (a Japanese pop), Wasabi, and Miso Paste Kit Kat.  Strangely, I often like strange flavours more than the simple ones, as I found the fruit flavours a bit too artificial. If you want to see some more strange Kit Kat flavours, click here.

Back to the McFlurry - The McFlurry was served with a distinct lack of Strawberryness, in colour and in taste.  Maybe because I am colourblind, but it didn't look all that red to me.  After having the Strawberry Corn Flake McFlurry in Malaysia, I guess I was expecting the same.  When I Googled other people's reviews, and I found that generally, they mostly had more Strawberry topping, so not only did this branch cheat me half an egg, but they skimped on the strawberry as well. Try comparing my photos, to the photos you see here.

Still hunting for some Strawberry

 The only upside was that this did in fact have a actual small pieces of Kit Kat within, so every bite had that distinct Kit Kat wafer taste, it just didn't taste much like Strawberry.  Therefore it gets a -