29 November, 2012

McFloat - Johor Bahru, Malaysia - November 2012

McDonald's Malaysia McFloat

Consumed on - 24 November 2012
Location - City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Price - 4.25RM (With a Free Glass, which they were out of) = $1.39USD
Calories - Unknown

McDonald's Malaysia Receipt
My girlfriends best friend came down to Singapore from Korea last weekend, and we made a afternoon hop over to JB for some shopping, to get them a massage, and so I could try the new McDonald's promo items!  I was able to try 3 promo items, and between the 3 of us, we shared them between ourselves so we would not ruin our barbecue dinner later on in the evening.  Today I'll be reviewing the McFloat, and the others will come over the next couple of days.

My girlfriend has a photo of me queuing because I was standing there for at least 15 minutes before I was able to place my order.  Originally, I hopped in the shortest queue, and slowly worked my way to the front, except when one lone woman a couple people in front of me reached the counter, she turned around, yelled something in Malay, and 4 additional women cut the queue and all joined her up front...to make matters even worse, is that they all ordered and paid individually. The two groups of Malay men between her and myself made any mention of it (but were all visibly annoyed) so I left it at that.  

My girlfriend took a photo of me queuing, which took forever

When I reached the front of the queue I ordered my items, and asked if the McFloat could be made with Coke Light rather than regular Coke.  The women who took my order quickly inquired with her Manager who was conveniently behind her at the time, and he said of course. It seemed that everyone was ordering a McFloat at the time, and there was a dedicated McFloat maker to make them quickly, and she actually went over to him to confirm again, that it was indeed made with Coke Light.  Nice to see good, friendly service to accommodate my special request.  Sadly they were out of free Coke glasses, which you are supposed to received when ordering the McFloat.  I received one of these in Singapore earlier in the year, so I wasn't so worried about it, plus I didn't want to worry about carrying it back home.

I've never been a fan of Floats, even as a child and I probably haven't had one in maybe 15 years.  There is something about the taste which I've just never liked.  My girlfriend and her friend were waiting at the table upstairs, and when she first got a look at the float she had a look of horror on her face.  "Who puts ice cream inside Coke, oh my god!".  Now, I've seen some totally unhealthy drinks living in Korea, but thinking back, I've never seen a Float, and apparently now I know why.  My two Koreans were deathly afraid of trying it, and once they did, they both pulled a disgusted face and both complained it was too sweet and that something like this should never exist ..I didn't tell them that I had it made with Coke Light, nor made reference to any of those terrible 500kcal Paris Baguette style CafeMochaIcedChocoWhatever drinks that Koreans love that have chocolate and 8 pumps of syrup and whatever else they decide to throw in.

Personally, the float tasted exactly as I thought it would, and to make matters worse, the Coke seemed a little warm, which made it that much more horrible. It was served in the same huge plastic cup that the Sakura McFizz was a month or so earlier, and for the size, with a free glass, isn't a bad value at all, but that's its only saving grace.  I was thirsty, so I tried to keep my straw as low as possible to avoid mixing the ice cream and Coke, but because the Coke was so warm, the ice cream mixed into the Coke pretty quickly after we had it. Ended up leaving more than 1/2 on the table when we left.

Rating - 2/5