15 November, 2012

Blueberry Pie - Honolulu, Hawaii - September 2010

McDonalds Hawaii Blueberry Pie

Consumed on 18 September 2010
Price - Unknown ($0.69-$0.89USD)
Calories - ~300kcal

Here's another one of my photos from the pre-blog days, so I only have the one photo, but I do know that even back then, if this item had promotional packaging then I would have taken a photo of it as well. Since I tried it such a long time ago, I won't be able to accurately describe the flavours, but at least I can provide a little background about why I was there. I don't remember much about the Pie, but I do remember, that this was one of the few times in recent years that even though they didn't have any promotional burger, I went for one of the standard menu items, no idea what I had, but I know this wasn't all I ordered.

I had flown into Honolulu about 6 hours before from a flight from Majuro Atoll, but my day didn't start there either, I had an overnight in Guam the evening before (without a hotel room, just camped out at the airport), and the day before that I flew ICN-NGO and spent the entire day exploring Nagoya (back then, it was my first time through!), so the first city I had a bed in 3 nights was Honolulu. I couldn't sleep, the jetlag finally caught up with me, and even though I was worn out, I was hungry and somewhat energetic. This was my second or third time through Honolulu, so I knew the locations of 3 or so McDonald's in Waikiki.  This Ala Moana branch was out of the way, but I knew it had the best chance of having Hawaiian-only promo items (the other ones are aimed at tourists and had inflated price, limited menus).  It was late, so mostly only drunk tourists, drunk locals, people on various other substances and homeless were around.  The clientele at the McDonald's was far from the nicest either. It's difficult to find what Hawaiian promos are on before hand, but I was lucky enough to try the Blueberry Pie.  I won't post a rating out of 5 because I can't accurately remember the taste, but looking at the photo, it does make me hungry!

A little more useless info - 
- I tried the Coconut Pie just a few months later in this same branch in Hawaii.
- Apparently my home country of Canada, had a Baked Blueberry Maple Pie (yes, I'm sure it was as awesome as it sounds) around the same time which I was never able to try, but you can read a review here.
- I was unlucky enough to miss the Blueberry and Cream Cheese Pie in Japan by a few days earlier this year during their Big America 2012 promo (of which I sampled 3/4 of their monthly promo burgers/pies)
McDonald's Japan Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie