05 November, 2012

Big Tsukimi Burger (だいつきみバーガー) - Nagoya, Japan - October 2012

McDonalds Japan Big Tsukimi Burger

As ugly as this box is, its apparently the same one they used last year.
Consumed on - 21 October 2012
Location - Nagoya, Japan
Price - 400JPY = ~$4.98USD (Just the burger!)
Calories - ~720kcal (Thankfully I walked over 50km that day!)
More photos, receipt, and review by clicking below.

I'd like to first thank Japan Australia Blog for letting me find out what the Japanese name for this burger was, I was just going to call it the Egg & Bacon burger.  By clicking on the link above you can learn a little about the history of the Tsukimi burger. What they can't tell you is that I have just missed out on this burger since 2010 when it was introduced (the original, has been around since the 90's). I've seen it being promoted both in branch, and on their website, but I always missed it by a week or two, so I was happy that I finally caught it this year.  Sadly though, I would miss out on the two new promo burgers that were released after the Tsukimi finished, the Spicy Teriyaki and a new premium Chicken burger (still available, so if you are in Japan, give them a try and post a comment!)

I visited the same branch that I hit the last time I was in Nagoya and reviewed the Juicy Shaka Shaka Chicken, and the Juicy Chicken Fillet-O.  This time, instead of visiting at midnight, full of adrenaline after an amazing concert by my favourite group SOUL'd OUT, this time I hit the lunchtime rush, on a holiday weekend...the queue was literally out the door, but it moved quickly. Approaching the counter, they provided me a paper English menu, but that menu only has the standard menu items, so I pointed to the large poster behind her. After some miming to establish that I was eating 'here', I was provided with my burger.  I was a little disappointed as it seemed that it was a non-promotional box, but after I googled about it, it seems this is the same box they always use for this burger, McDonald's Japan usually has promo packaging for their limited time burger, so I'm surprised why this burger which re-appears every year gets a basic box.  Opening the box was  a little more impressive, the burger looked really good. The beef was thick and steaming, and it had two large pieces of cheese, but once I removed the top bun I was in for a surprise

Someone stole half my egg!
The tiny strip of bacon, I can handle, this is McDonald's after all, but why did I only get half an egg?!  The Tsukimi burger is supposed to have a whole egg, but I guess they were running short during the lunch rush, so they resorted ripping them in half (it was a S shape cut, so someone didn't cut it with a knife), and relying on Japanese politeness to not complain about it. The burger itself tasted pretty good, the bacon, albeit small, was flavourful and tasted more like ham than bacon.

But out of principle, if I get only half an egg, this burger is going to get half its rating!

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