01 October, 2012

Samurai Burger, Sakura McFizz & Katsu Curry McShaker - Johor Bahru, Malaysia - September 2012

Samurai Burger, Sakura McFizz, Katsu Curry Packet and Chilli Sauce

They give you a special McShaker bag with directions!
Consumed on - 22 September 2012
Location - City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Price - 14.45MYR = ~$4.72USD
Calories - Unknown
Lots more photos, and the review after the break!


A shot from outside the restaurant

Living in Singapore really is a nice change than living in Korea.  Living here, if I see a promotional burger in say Malaysia or even Indonesia, I can make a quick and cheap trip over and try it, in Korea, the closest counties I could visit were either China or Japan, and both required an expensive flight, so I never could hop over for just McD's.  I crossed into Johor Bahru on 22 September for the sold pursose of having the Samurai Burger, and its new limited edition sides, the Katsu Curry McShakers, and the Sakura McFizz.  I'll break down this review into sections to make following a bit easier.

The Samurai Burger 
This is a returning promo item to Malaysian McDonald's.  As the promotional photo above points out, it was a large beef patty, dipped entirely in Teriyaki Sauce, and then topped with lettuce and special sauce.  It was a nice chance to see the large beef patty covered top and bottom with sauce, and not just a squirt on top.  The special sauce tasted a lot like mayo, but it was lighter than mayo, not totally sure what it was.  It was a very messy dining experience just from the sheer amount of sauces involved (and the fact that because the restaurant had closed their dining area for renovation, I was eating outside on a ledge).  The thickness of the beef patty still allowed you to taste beef even under all the sauces.  I think it would have been nicer with a more premium bun, rather than a standard Quarter Pounder bun, that, and a slice of tomato would have given the sandwich the tangy-ness to be perfect (and added to the mess).

Sakura McFizz
I wasn't exactly sure what the Sakura McFizz was supposed to be, at the time, McDonald's used a different promo image for their website, and it didn't explain was it was.  Now I know its Ribena + Sprite, but at the time, I was expecting it to be a large, gross, artificial mess like other special 'fizzy' drinks I've had (Here's looking at you Orange McFloat China!), but this was surprisingly light and refreshing. One would think with 2 overly sugary drinks mixed together would be a disaster  but it really wasn't as bad as it sounds.  Not sure if was more due to the fact that it was +33 degrees and I was eating it in direct sunlight, but it tasted neither like Sprite, nor Ribena.  Honestly, I couldn't taste Sakura either, but whatever the taste could be described as, I liked it.  The un-carbonated Ribena mixed with carbonated Sprite made the drink have a perfect amount of 'fizz'

Katsu Curry McShakers
First, wow McDonald's is inconsistent with the naming of these 'shakers'.  In Japan, where I first had them, they are called Shaka Shaka, in Hong Kong the Shake Shake, and apparently here in Malaysia, the McShakers. Malaysia, like in Japan provided a specific bag with directions on what to do with the seasoning, whereas in Hong Kong, they just give you a regular bag.  The McShaker seasoning was provided if you upsized your Samurai Burger to a Large Fries and drink, and unlike in Hong Kong, you don't have the option to buy the seasoning on its own, you either buy the set and upsize, or you don't get it. The sachet seemed a bit larger and fuller than the Japanese and HK ones I've had before, and it provided enough seasoning to coat every fry, and it didn't come out in clumps!  Also, it was a VERY pleasant surprise to see the ingredient list on the packet, and though Sugar was the #1 ingredient, and it had a nice long list of preservatives, it lacked MSG!  Whereas the last Shake Shake fries I reviewed, I disliked because of the massive amount of MSG, this had a nice strong curry flavour.  So much so that my fingers smelt like curry even after I washed them.

Samurai Burger - 4/5
Samurai McFizz - 3.5/5
Katsu Curry McShakers - 4/5

Oh, and if you are in Singapore and thinking of hopping over to get your Samurai Burger fix.  You might want to wait a couple of days and you might not need to travel so far ;)...just a little insider tip.