20 October, 2012

'Classic' Hot Dog - Shanghai, China - October 2012

McDonald's China - Classic Hotdog

Consumed on 20 October 2012
Location - Longyang Road Maglev Station, Shanghai China
Price - 10RMB (with small coffee) = ~$1.60USD
Calories - Unknown
Review, rating and receipt after the break.

To be totally honest, I don't know how long this little gem has been hidden on the McDonald's China breakfast menu, but today's discovery was a nice little find for me.  I shouldn't have been in a McDonald's this morning, but enough things went wrong with my series of flights, that I landed at 4am local time, spent 3 hours walking around (with my luggage in tow), and by 9am I needed a coffee, needed one BAD.  Before heading back to Pudong Airport at 9am in hope of getting on a standby flight out of PVG at 11, I stopped into the Longyang Road Station branch to grab a coffee for the 6 minute Maglev back to PVG.  Though, after seeing the large poster, I just 'had' to try my new find.  I haven't been to a Chinese McDonald's during breakfast hours in ages, so I'm not sure how long this has been around for.  Its also buried away on their official website, so you don't really hear much about it.  As I said I wasn't even supposed to be out in Shanghai this morning, and when I do fly through there again on Monday, it will be during dinner hours, so this is definitely one of my less planned out items of recent memory.

I've been to that Longyang Road branch once before, and it was heaving with people then, just as it was this morning.  I walked around the station exploring for a bit after I ate before heading off, and that McD's was doing crazy business the entire time. 

After elbowing people attempting to cut the line (this quickly 'welcomes' me back to China), or yelling their orders around me, I was successfully, and rather quickly, given my coffee and hotdog.  I don't think this is a promo item, as it looked like they were using one of their standard menu posters, and the packaging led me to believe this is the standard (as they call it the 'classic' on the packaging), and they must occasionally offer promo hotdogs (like how Japan did with the McHotdog Chilli) because on the bottom of the wrapper, they had labelling for 'Hot Dog Premium'

The hotdog was a decent size, and just about all one would need for a light breakfast.  The sausage was thicker and chewier than a western hotdog, after my first bite, I drew connections to dried Chinese sausage.  Not sure if that was because of seasoning, or the texture.  In actuality, it tasted less like a hotdog, and more like a sausage, I really was rather impressed with it.  The bun was wholemeal, and the grains on the top were a nice touch, and you could taste the flavour of the bread.  As you can see in the promo photo, they do add lettuce, and ketchup, but in my case, they were both under the meat and hidden from view.  I'm glad to see some more McDonald's breakfast items have a little more green in them (and not charging a premium for it like they do lately in Korea) I haven't enjoyed many Mainland Chinese McD's items, and so this was a nice change, and you defiantly can't complain about that price! I paid more than that for just a coffee back in Seoul.

Rating - 5/5

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