11 September, 2012

Sweet Potato Pie - Hong Kong - July 2011

McDonald's Hong Kong Sweet Potato Pie
Consumed on - 13 July 2011
Price - ~7HKD = ~$0.90USD
Calories - ~300kcal
Rating - After the review
I'm feeling under the weather today, so I picked an item that I tried in July 2011, so I can keep the review short. The sweet potato pie was introduced in Hong Kong as a promotional item in late 2010, and though I was there in 2010, I never was able to try it.  I was lucky enough to be back in HKG for a transit stop in July 2011, when they brought back the pie for another couple of weeks (and I don't think its been back since then).  I sampled this before I started this blog, so my notes on the item consist of this - "It was pretty good actually. Better than the regular potato pie in Japan before".

Rating - 3/5