16 September, 2012

El Maco Jr - Copenhagen, Denmark - August 2012

Consumed on - 10 August 2012
Price - 20DKK = ~$3.45USD
Calories - Unknown
Rating - After the review

McDonald's Denmark Receipt  
McDonald's Denmark Menu
McDonald's Denmark Menu #2

This was my first time in Copenhagen, first time in Denmark, and actually, my first time in any Scandinavian country!  I knew I only had about 18 hours in Copenhagen so checked the their website before arriving.  They had a couple promotional burgers on at the time, but they were essentially just big burgers, and with Denmark prices already higher than I was happy paying, I didn't really want to try a not-so-special burger and have to pay around $15 for it.  They also had a regular menu burger with a dark wheat bun, with either beef or chicken,  that was about $12 for the combo.  What I did find at an almost reasonable price was their 'Coinoffer' menu.  Much like the US 'dollar menu' this was cheap, single items, that were being marketed that you could pay for them with just one Danish coin.  The El Maco Jr sounded interesting, so I gave that a try.  It still cost over $3.40 for just the burger, but it was one of the cheapest things I ate all day. After I returned, I saw they offer Chilli Cheese Tops on this menu, but I don't remember seeing it in the branch, or I would have tried those as well.
The El Maco Jr was served in a standard wrapper, no mention of the item at all.  It was about the size of a McChicken, and inside was the standard beef, lettuce, processed cheese, tomato, and mayo....lots of mayo. What made the El Maco different was that it was topped with salsa.  The salsa was nice and zesty, but it didn't have that much spice to it (enough that you could taste it, but not enough to be called 'spicy'
, if you bought it in a can, it would be the 'Mild').  Sadly, there was a bit too much mayo, so it overpowered the taste of the salsa.  I'm not actually sure why they still include mayo on this sandwich, it mayo+salsa doesn't sound appealing.  Its not a terrible combination, but I think it would be better if you just had the salsa on its own.

Rating - 2/5
For what it was, it was expensive.  The salsa was a nice idea, but the combination with mayo took away from it slightly.