23 September, 2012

Daim McFlurry - Copenhagen, Denmark - August 2012

McDonald's Denmark Daim McFlurry

Consumed on 10 August 2012
Location - McDonald's Nørre Voldgade 82, 1358 København K, Denmark
Price 18.50DKK = ~$3.22USD
Calories - Unknown (Probably around 350kcal)

McDonald's Denmark Receipt 
This was the other item I tried the evening I was in Copenhagen last August (the other bring the El Maco Jr).  Whereas the El Maco is seemly only available in Demark, I believe the Daim McFlurry is also available in other Scandinavian countries, so that mean't both the items I tried, were standard menu items.  I believe that I mentioned in the review of the El Maco, that I debated with myself to take the train over to Sweden so I could try something from their McDonald's but the price of the trip, and the fact that their website didn't show any promo items for sale I gave it a pass (hopefully I have a chance to make it over to Sweden another time)

I don't think I have ever had a Daim bar before.  Though when I read up about it on the Wikipedia page, I'm pretty sure I've seen it around, but when buying a chocolate bar, I prefer one with a bit more substance, but next time I'm in Malaysia, I might pick one up just to see what its like.  The McFlurry was a pretty disappointing.  Not only was it the most expensive McFlurry I've ever had (at ~$3.22USD), but it was also one of the most poorly made ones I've had.  As you can see in the photo, the ice cream wasn't anywhere near the top, and it seems like the used only a single teaspoon worth of Daim mix placed on top.  I know the photo looks like there was a lot of topping, but it was literally all sitting on top, once the layer on the top was gone, it was just ice cream below.   The topping itself had a slight crunch do it, and whereas a real Daim bar is supposed to be Almond Butter topped with chocolate, I could not taste the almond butter whatsoever.  As I said, I've never had a Daim before, so I don't know if it's supposed to be crunchy or not.

Though to be completely honest, at the time, I didn't care at all about the lack of topping, as I was just happy to get some sugar in my system.  I had been awake since 6am, and because I flew in from London earlier that morning, I had been walking around Copenhagen all day not only with my personal carry on effects (including my own laptop), but with my newly issued 15.9" company laptop and case, which weighed a tonne.  I hoped the day before that the SAS lounge at CPH would have lockers or at least a storage area (like LH did at MUC, or TK in IST that I used the following day), but I wasn't so lucky, so I had to carry it around all day.

Rating - 1/5
If you are in Denmark, give it a pass.  Possibly try one of these new promos instead! Mars McFlurry, Snickers McFlurry or a Twix McFlurry.