27 September, 2012

Chocolate ToffeeNut McFlurry - Singapore - September 2012

McDonald's Singapore Chocolate ToffeeNut McFlurry

Consumed on 15 September 2012
Location - Harbour Front Centre, Singapore
Price - $2.70SGD = ~$2.17USD
Calories - Unknown. (But probably around 360kcal)
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I had a business meeting in the Harbour Front Centre on 14 September, and as I was walking past the McDonald's branch there I noticed the promotional poster for a new McFlurry in the corner of my eye.  As I was in a conversation with my manager, and we had to go back to the office, I didn't feel like asking him to stop so I could try it, I knew it hadn't been on sale for very long (as I'm always keeping an eye out for new items).  I left it until the following day to find out what it was, as the  Chocolate ToffeeNut McFlurry is currently only available at McDonald's branches with Dessert Kiosks, so the branches closest to both my flat, and my office don't have these.  Though strangely, the McDonald's Singapore, hadn't (and still hasn't) made any mention of this McFlurry, and seeing as they promoted both the Banana Nut, and more recently, the Horlicks McFlurry, I'm not sure why this hasn't made it up yet.
The Dessert Kiosk
McDonald's Harbour Front Centre
I was the only person ordering at the Dessert Kiosk at 5pm on a Saturday, and the Ice Cream Auntie, made me a very nice looking McFlurry with a very generous amount of toppings, though as I was paying with credit card, I had to be passed along to the main counter.  The girl waited to take two other customers orders before processing my payment, so by the time I received the McFlurry, it had melted a big, and no longer looked as good as it did when originally made.  Though, this didn't take away from the flavour whatsoever.  As generously as she topped the ice cream, she also included copious amounts of toffee flavouring throughout.  
Part way in, and still dark with toffee flavour! With other McFlurry's I'd be relegated to only eating vanilla by now! 

Every bite, from top to bottom was full of toffee flavour, and though I generally combine caramel and toffee in my head, this had a distinct, and pretty decent toffee flavour.  The 'nut' in ToffeeNut comes from the nuts sprinkled on top.  I found these to be a bit too crunchy, so I'm glad they were limited to the top of the McFlurry rather than mixed throughout. I'm not sure which nuts are used, nor how they are processed, but they didn't seem fresh, and their flavours were too weak when eaten with the strong toffee flavour.

Cleaned the cup.

Rating - 5/5
The overly crunchiness of the nuts still couldn't knock this down to a 4.