06 August, 2012

Shanghai Deluxe Snack Wrap - Seoul, Korea - October 2011

Special edition wrapper & receipt. 
Note the lack of English on the signage - Welcome to Korea!
Consumed on 31 October 2011
Location - McDonald's Mokdong, Seoul Korea
Price - 1800KRW = ~$1.59USD
Calories - ~291kcal
Rating - After the review

Good afternoon from London!  I'm off on my first ever business trip, and sorry about the lack of updates over the previous week, I've been pretty busy.  I sampled a few of the Summer Limited edition items here but my USB cable is broken so I can't transfer the images from my phone to my camera right now, so expect those in a couple of days when I am back in Singapore...and no, I haven't been able to attend any Olympic events, the remaining tickets are a bit out of my price range.

This review is back from Halloween 2011.  Shortly after the Shanghai Deluxe Burger finished its limited run in September 2011, McDonald's Korea launched a Shanghai Deluxe Wrap for the month of October.  Unlike the burger, there wasn't any price premium from the regular snack wrap to the 'Shanghai Deluxe' snack wrap.  Though the tortilla and the chicken was identical, the sauce was the same spicy mayo they use on the Shanghai Deluxe, and also they included a single strip of bacon. I gave the original wrap a 4/5, and seeing as this was the same price, but also included bacon of course I'm going to give it...


Though, one thing I would like to mention, is that the wrap on its own is 291kcal, but they also post the 'set' as 291kcal.  Now I know the wrap sets do not include fries, but the standard drink served is regular Coke (and what you will be given if you do not specifically tell them what you want to drink), and seeing as Coke Zero (Korean McDonald's do not serve Diet Coke) is not something most Koreans drink, its a little cheeky to see them promote the set without the calories of the Coke.  Though the regular set menus do not include these calories, in their images, they do specifically say that the set is calculated with Coke Zero, not regular coke.