23 July, 2012

Strawberry Pie - Windsor, Canada - June 2012

Consumed on 26 June 2012
Location - 4395 Walker Road, Windsor, Ontario Canada
Price - $1.04CAD = ~1.02USD
Calories - 270kcal
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The boring box
Ontario HST = 13%, not sure why I was charged only 5% tax
This was actually purchased on the same day that my mother and I tried the Mediterranean Snack Wrap so rather than restating the details of that purchase, I'll keep this review short and to the point.  First, even though I ordered the pie when I ordered the rest, but the same girl who didn't know they were already selling the snack wrap (see previous review), also apparently forgot to charge me for the Strawberry Pie.  As the other employee was filling the tray with our food, she noticed it, and charged me separately for the pie.  It also seems that McDonald's Canada has smartened up a bit, as they no longer give you one pie for 50% of the price of two.  Two pies are still $1.29, but now a single pie costs $0.99 instead of $0.69, thank you for no longer allowing people to have a smaller snack McDonald's...

At first, it had the same bland, non-item specific box as older promotional pies that I've had at Canadian McDonald's and it still disappointed me.  The pie was served quite hot, and generally that's a good sign, except I feel the strawberry pie would have been better off chilled.  The strawberry filling was nearly identical to a low-quality strawberry jam (jelly) that you would get in a jar to spread on a sandwich or possibly some toast.  So if you can imagine how that would taste if you threw the jar in the microwave before spreading it on your sandwich, you can imagine the taste of this pie. Though I usually prefer the baked pies over the fried one, the strawberry filling probably would have fared better with a crispy fried crust.  Disappointed over the price increase, but very happy I didn't get sucked into buying two to decrease the unit price.
Rating - 1/5

I know a few years back McDonald's in Canada had a Peach Pie, but when I was there everytime I tried to order it, they were sold out, so it must have been pretty good.  If anyone tried that, leave a comment below, or start a conversation on our Facebook page.