13 May, 2012

Seaweed 'Shake Shake' Fries - Hong Kong - July 2010

Consumed on - 13 July 2010
Location - Unknown Branch, Hong Kong
Price - Free with Large Fries/Combo purchase
Calories - Unknown
Rating - 4/5

Here is another item I tried a couple of years ago, so my review will be brief.  McDonald's in HK brings back Shake Shake Fries for a limited time about once every year, usually in the Summer.  With the amount of salt already on the fries, and the amount of MSG in the 'Shake Shake' flavouring, its a good thing you'll be sweating most of it away in the HK humidity. When you order your fries during this promotional period they will give you an extra paper bag, you dump your fries in with the seasoning and shake it up.  Though I felt a little embarrassed shaking it in the restaurant, the HK locals were really getting into it, and the sound of fries shaking around a bag filled the already noisy restaurant.

Personally, I like dried seaweed, its a common topping on Korean rice dishes, and I find that it does add a nice flavour, even though the saltiness of the flavouring slightly overpowered the already naturally-salty seaweed, it still was a nice change to plain fries. There was enough seaweed in the pack to allow you to taste it, but it was easy to tell that it was not 100% seaweed.

The advert which I found on YouTube (click above) shows that in July 2010, they had 3 flavours, each supposedly only for one week at a time, Seaweed being the first, 'Spicy' being the second, and Honey BBQ being the third.  Though I was in HKG during the second week of July, they offered me either Seaweed or Spicy, and they were strict about not giving me two.

I've had a couple other Shake Shake fries from HKG, and I'll post those reviews shortly.
Until then.