26 May, 2012

Juicy Chicken Fillet-O - Nagoya, Japan - May 2012

Consumed on - 24 May 2012
Location - Otsu Dori, Nagoya, Japan (Google Street View does not have it)
Price - 240JPY (~$3.00USD) with Coupon
Calories - ~454kcal
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Always nice to see the Shrimp Burger getting prime ad space.  It was discontinued in Korea about 2 years ago.
After my last trip in April, I never thought I would have the opportunity to leave Korea again until June when I graduate, but a perfect opportunity to go to Nagoya for the day fell into my lap (read: it didn't cost me anything) so I couldn't say no.  What really made it special was not only my trip was free, but my favourite group SOUL'd OUT was having a 3-show tour that week, and one stop was Nagoya, so I made sure to schedule my trip for the evening they played. I convinced my friend, Andrew, to join me and we both sampled this together after the concert.  I found some coupons on the street, and even though we were both tired after the show, we walked the 1.5km to the closest McDonald's so I could sample this. To be honest, the 'Juicy Chicken Fillet-O' didn't sound all that exciting, nor unique.  It was one of the tamer Japanese promotional items I've sampled - definitely not the McHotdog Chilli, or the Beverly Hills Burger.  But it was new, and from what I could tell, is a limited time promo item, so I had a duty to this blog to review it.  My friend didn't seem all that interested in trying it, and getting him back out of the hotel after the concert just to go try it, was a challenge.  This burger has been on sale from 11 May, and is only available until the end of the month, and in June, they are introducing a variant on the new burger, which I believe includes a nicer bun, tomato and cheese.

It was almost midnight by the time we ate, so neither of us were hungry, so we only ordered one burger to split between the two of us.  This McDonald's was pretty busy for the time of the night, and seemed to be serving business men or friendly university students, no homeless people or 'other' types of people that you might expect to see at a McDonald's at midnight.  The burger took a few minutes to cook, so we were given a sign and someone brought it to our table a few minutes later. It was noticeable that it was just cooked, because it was pretty hot.  I attempted to break it in half as nicely as I could, but the chicken kind of fell apart into many smaller pieces when I split it.  The chicken was indeed 'Juicy', it wasn't all white meat, but probably thigh, which is pretty common in McDonald's in Chinese speaking countries.  I liked the flavour, the breading was just enough to add crunch, but not enough to distract from the chicken. The amount of chicken served was pretty impressive, and because we broke it in two, we could see that inside were actual large chunks of chicken, not a processed paste. The bun and mayo weren't anything special, but probably next month's variant will address that problem, it would be very good, if they keep the chicken the same.  As I said before, I found a coupon on the street earlier in the day, so at only 240Y, its a good value for Japan, even a standard white bread sandwich at 7-11 costs the same.

Rating - 4/5