14 May, 2012

Impossible Review 2 - Mushroom Egg & Bacon Deluxe Breakfast - Hong Kong 2012

My friend Hugh sent me more photos of another item that I will never be trying in HK.  They have a new promotion for a few popular breakfast items.  They took standard HK breakfast items and added a special ingredient to them, and as a part of the promo they also let you pick a free bottle of either, Colgate mouthwash, Walch body wash, or Tempo tissues.  The one that would never be able to stomach is the Mushroom Egg & Bacon Deluxe Breakfast, so Hugh tried it for me.  Mushrooms should never be a 'special' ingredient, YUCK. He said the eggs were terrible, runny and slightly milky (but not HK style milk-scrambled eggs), he also said the bacon was over cooked, the best thing about the meal would have been the free body wash. The other changes to the breakfast menu for this promotion is that they added Bacon to the Sausage and Egg McMuffin, and Bacon to the Twisty Pasta Breakfast.  Hopefully this mushroom phase McDonald's has been having in China will pass.