02 May, 2012

Bakehouse Brekkie Roll - Auckland, New Zealand - April 2012

Consumed on 3 April 2012
Location - Auckland International Airport - Departures, Auckland, New Zealand
Price - $7.50NZD = $6.02USD
Calories - ~557kcal - Sandwich,  ~153kcal - Hashbrown
Rating - 5/5

Guess they ran out of proper boxes.

Now that Pie Week is over (for now, still many more pies to post), I can return to regularly scheduled programming.  About a month ago, I had an overnight transit in Auckland International Airport and instead of paying ~70$ for an airport hotel, I just decided as I usually do, to sleep somewhere inside the airport.  After a rough night on the floor, I woke up around 3am, and was pretty thirsty.  I had to wait around 2 hours until the Air New Zealand business class lounge would open and get a good breakfast, so it was a perfect opportunity to try a breakfast menu item.  As I mentioned before on this blog, Australia and New Zealand McDonald's have a very similar McDonald's menu.  Though the Bakehouse Brekkie Roll is on the menu on both locations, it is probably the most unique breakfast menu item, so I gave it a go.  In retrospect, I didn't notice the sandwich had a hash brown in it, or I wouldn't have ordered the combo.

Even though it was nearly 4am, the McDonald's was doing lots of business, many people had the same idea as me, and were camping out at AKL and the McDonald's is one of the few places open 24 hours.  Lots of people were having coffee, but just as many were ordering meals, so I didn't feel so bad eating this early.  The sandwich was made quickly, and though they ran out of its own unique packaging, I was so hungry, it didn't really bother me. The roll was good, and easily better than the McMuffin buns, it was soft and had a decent flavour to it.  The egg wasn't anything special, it was just the standard McMuffin egg, but where the sandwich really stood out was the Onion Relish.  As expected, with any fast food sauce, it was salty, but it had a nice onion flavour, and it meshed surprisingly well with the rest of the ingredients.  There was just the right amount, that it was sufficiently saucy, bot not enough to make the sandwich soggy, who wants a soggy breakfast sandwich?

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