10 May, 2012

Angus 'Third Pounder' Deluxe - Chicago, USA - December 2011

A tired, and jetlagged Mini, in awe over the size of the burger.

Consumed on - 29 December 2011
Location - McDonald's 405 N Wabash River Plaza - Chicago USA
Price - $5.99USD
Calories - ~750kcal (just the burger!)
Rating - 4/5

McDonald's Angus Deluxe Receipt
A better view than most McD's

This review will probably not be of any interest to my normal readers from the US, but I still should write it up, as around 50% of my readers are from outside of the US, they might get some interest out of it.

My girlfriend Minjin and I spent 2 days in Chicago shortly after Christmas, it was pretty much 48-hours of shopping, eating and visiting some friends.  Minjin hadn't been to the US in around 10 years, so everything was new to her.  We stopped into a McDonald's so I could write something for this blog, and but decided only to order one meal so we would not be overly full and still be able to get better meals later.  The only thing which seemed slightly unique was the Angus 'Third Pounder' Deluxe.  The McDonald's Angus burgers are bigger beef patties, with supposedly better beef.  There were a couple different Angus Burger options to choose from, but They cost not much more than a typical combo, but are probably far more than any one person should be eating in one meal.  Accustom to Asian meal sizes, both of us were shocked when we saw the size of the meal on our tray and were very glad we only ordered one.  This blog shows the difference in size between various McD's burgers compared with the Angus Deluxe.

The 'deluxe' part of the burger was that it had a nicer bun, which was soft and larger than a normal bun, but lacked any distinctive flavour, red onion, two pieces of cheese and most shockingly, full lettuce leaves!  I prefer Swiss, or other white cheeses on my burgers, so the standard processed cheddar was a bit of a let down.  The Angus beef patty was indeed much bigger, its juiciness and searing on the patty did make it stand out, it tasted less like a McDonald's burger, and reminded me more like the Canadian burger chain Harvey's.  The large chucks of tomato, the full pieces of lettuce, and the red onion made it taste more like something you would make at home or ordering in a real restaurant than ordering at McDonald's.