24 April, 2012

Pie Week - Smores Pie - LaSalle, Canada - February 2011

My Original Photo - Taken at night whilst my mother drove.
Stock McDonald's Photo when the pie first debuted in 2010 during the Vancouver Olympics
A much better photo from

Consumed on 28 February 2011
Location - McDonald's LaSalle, Ontario, Canada
Price - 0.79CAD + 14% VAT (0.80USD)
Calories - 250 kcal
Rating - 2/5

Terrible attempt at a photo #2
Pie Week - Post #2

Sadly, I tried this before I started this blog, so my photo is pretty terrible, and I don't have a photo of the receipt.  I do remember that I did not enjoy the Pie at all.  The cream and the chocolate inside had a very artificial flavour, and only took one bite of the pie. I gave the other half to my sister who was sitting in the back seat, and she couldn't even finish it.  For me, who needs everything to be sweet, there wasn't enough Chocolate to offset the amount of Cream.  It was also a bit too crispy for my liking, I prefer the pies when they are soft.

Actually I'm pretty surprised because this was originally introduced during the Vancouver Olympics and had a 2 month run in Canada during 2010, and it was brought back for 2011.  But when I was searching for a better photo than the one I took, every review I found of it said it was pretty terrible, but someone must have liked them for McDonald's to bring them back - they even made it across the pond to the UK in August of 2011.

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