11 April, 2012

Onion Rings - Hong Kong - April 2012

Consumed on - 5 April 2012
Location - Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Price - 13.80-14.90HKD (Depending on branch) or Free with any Large Combo
Calories - Unknown
Rating - 3/5

I knew before I arrived in HK that this time I would not be able to get the promotional item, the Mushroom Deluxe.  I explicitly wrote here, that I refuse to eat mushrooms of any kind, and therefore would not be trying the new burger. Onion Rings were introduced to HK in February, at the same time as the Ranger Series, which sadly, I didn't make to HK in time to try, but I wrote a little preview of it here. Though the Ranger Series is gone, Onion Rings stuck around long enough for me to try them.  First off, I was shocked at the price.  In HK, you can get a Big Mac, Fillet-o-Fish or 6-piece nugget combo for 20HKD ($2.57USD), so for a small Onion Rings to cost almost 15HKD ($1.94USD) I found it a little extravagant. Though you could substitute the fries in any large combo for onion rings for free, so what I did was order a Nugget combo for 24HKD and swapped it, just made sense, and I was able to share the meal with my friend Hugh.

Both Hugh, and the woman who took my order warned me that the Onion Rings were much smaller than the fries, but personally, the size wasn't all that bad for a combo, you shouldn't be eating that much fried food anyway. Though, if I paid 15HKD to have only them, I would have been upset with the size.  The Sham Shui Po McDonald's is next to the Golden Computer Centre, and computer nerds love their fast food.  I often try my HK items at this branch because I usually have something to get from the computer market, and its always busy, regardless what time of the day you arrive, this time was no different. The Onion Rings were breaded well, and I didn't have a single broken ring.  They had a decent flavour, and tasted like an onion ring should.  The only negative was that they were cold, quite cold.  They weren't soggy like they were sitting around for a while, but just cold.  Strange as usually HK McDonald's have such a high turnover that everything never usually has time to get cold, in the 7 years I've been travelling to HK, I don't think I've had cold fries yet, so I wonder how they could drop the ball with the rings. I'm not sure if the Onion Rings will stick around or spread to other markets, but I think they should.

The McCafe were promoting some new tea drinks, but I gave them a pass, along with an uninspiring Chocolate something McFlurry.