24 April, 2012

McSpicy Feast (意想不到咁 Special - 德國風味辣雞堡) w/ Cheese Rush Shakers Preview - Hong Kong - April 2012


No, Pie Week has not been cancelled, but sadly I won't be able to get to HK to try the new 'McSpicy Feast' promotional burger, so my friend Hugh tried it for me.  It is the regular McSpicy (Spicy, breaded, Chicken thigh), served with Pickled Cabbage, German Sausage, a new Mustard, on a Rye Bun.  It actually sounds pretty delicious.  

Consumed by my mate Hugh on - 24 April 2012
Price - 36.30HKD ($4.67USD)  (Large Size Combo + Free 'Cheese Rush' Fry Flavouring)
His Rating - Burger - 4/5; Cheese Shakers - 2/5
More photos after the break