17 April, 2012

Chicken Porridge Breakfast - Bangkok, Thailand - April 2012

Consumed on 4 April 2012
Price - 29THB = $0.95USD
Calories - Unknown
Rating - 4/5


About a year ago when I visited my former high-school classmate Q in Bangkok, he recommend that I visit McDonald's and try the congee.  Since that time, I have been on the hunt for this congee, but I now know my mistake.  Whenever I walked into a McDonald's I asked if they had 'congee' they always looked at me in confusion, and they never had it on any of their posters that I could point at, I now know why, they didn't call it 'congee' but rather 'porridge'.  I only learned this, because at this branch of McDonald's they were promoting new 'Pork Porridge', in addition to the original Chicken.

I ordered the original Chicken Porridge, at around 10:50am, just as employees were starting to change over to the lunch menu (people next to me were already ordering fried chicken, a very popular McDonald's item in Asia) and the girl who took my order said they were finished serving breakfast and I had to order off the lunch menu.  She must have noticed the disappointment in my face, as without saying anything she ducked into the kitchen, and a few seconds later, came back out and said 'OK. Wait. 10 Minute'  I happily paid and second guessed my decision of ordering the Chicken over the new Pork variant, as possibly the pork would be a limited time item, but with the girl seemingly already doing me a favour by putting an order in for me, I didn't want to change it.  You could also add an Egg to your congee for an additional 10THB (30 US cents), I'm not sure if this is new, but I wanted to save room for a proper breakfast, so I didn't order it.

My congee was delivered to my table in a few minutes, and it is was steaming hot (you can see the steam on the lid in my photo), both the rice congee and the chicken on top were hot and fresh. For the 29THB you got quite a bit of congee, and it seemed to have about the equivalent of a chicken wing or two worth of meat shredded on top.  Much like with my previous Thai review of the Nam Tok Rice, I was yet again impressed by the fresh Thai spices that were used in the meal.  You can see the fresh herbs mixed in with the chicken, and these were different spices than the ones used in the rice dish, so McDonald's must source these herbs only for this congee.  

I've had another congee dish at Indonesian McDonalds before, the Bubur Ayam, but this one one tasted fresher and lighter.