14 March, 2012

Coffee & Interview - Seoul, Korea - March 2012

Consumed on - 9 March 2012
Location - McDonald's Chung-ang University, Seoul Korea
Price - Coffee - 1800KRW (1.60USD).  Interview - Free.
Rating - NA
I was waiting for my girlfriend for a few hours whilst having a coffee when two girls interviewed me on the differences between Canadian and Korean McDonald's.  I explained that the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder are the same as in Canada, but things like the Bulgogi Burger, and the Shanghai Spice Chicken were only available in Korea.  I also reminisced about the Green Tea McFlurry, the McBingsoo, and the Shrimp Burger and how that Korea was slowly losing all their special items in favour of boring things like McNuggets.  I'm also rather disappointed that even though I showed them this blog, they still didn't write a link, it would have fit their story perfectly.

Oh, the coffee was small and expensive, but this is Korea, so its still the cheapest cup you can find anywhere.