28 February, 2012

Trenza & Wafer Chocolate Sundae - Toledo, Spain - January 2012

Consumed on - 19 January 2012
Price - Trenza - 1.30Euro = $1.75USD  Sundae - 2.45Euro = $3.30USD
Rating - Trenza - 1/5.  Sundae - 4/5

It wouldn't be Spain if you didn't have an espresso

My mother and I spent the day in Toledo, Spain.  Which if you ever want a day trip from Madrid, its a very nice little town to wander around for an afternoon.  We were there in the middle of winter, and still found it a little touristy, so I can't imagine how packed it would be in the summer, but we enjoyed it.  This review will be a bit brief because the items were so unexciting.  I had sampled McDonald's in Madrid a few days earlier and my mother and I just stopped into this McD's to use the free wifi for a few minutes before heading back to the station to catch the train back to Madrid.

You might ask why I didn't get one of the other cakes on offer, as I already reviewed the Oreo one. If you read my previous review from Madrid and I talked about how small the Oreo Tart was in comparison to the menu,  take a look at the photo above, and then look at my photo of the tart I ate...I wasn't going to fall for that again with one of the other 'Cakes'.

The first item I tried was the Trenza, they had a few other items in their baked goods tray, but doughnuts and muffins were not all that appealing (and they'd make for an even less interesting review on this blog), so I went for the only item that I didn't know what it was, the Trenza.  Now, even Google hasn't been helpful to explain what it was supposed to be, but whatever it is supposed to taste like, but I didn't enjoy it.  It was hard, chewy and pretty bland. The glaze was honey, I think.. either it was really low quality honey, or it had been cut with liquid sugar, either way, terrible.  I think I only took that one bite you see in the photo and threw the rest away.  If anyone knows how a Trenza should taste, then please leave a comment at the bottom.

The Chocolate Wafer Sundae redeemed the snack, as the ice cream was standard McDonald's softserve, but the chocolate melted on top was much nicer than you get in North America (and Asia), it was actually a nice tasting dark chocolate.  The nuts were also much nicer than you get in the little packet back in Canada.  I'm not much of a cone person, but the wafer cone was decent enough.  The only downside was the price, it was a decent size, but still could be cheaper than the 2.45 Euro they wanted.

Sorry for the short and boring review.  Better items to come.