15 February, 2012

Pumpkin Soup - Hong Kong - February 2012

Consumed on - 09/02/2012
Price - 13HKD = $1.68USD 
Rating - 2/5

That's right, paid by using my Octopus Card

Writing this one from the Hilton in Narita Japan. Slightly less appealing than the post from Tahiti a few days ago.

I was only in HK for a few hours enroute to Tahiti, and the website didn't show anything special,  I even popped my head into one very quickly as I was waiting for my friend Hugh to arrive for lunch, and I still didn't see any promo posters, so I didn't expect there to be anything special to try this time.  But, after having a nice spicy lunch with my friend, we went into the nearest branch, and checked out the menu properly.  This soup was only being promoted on a little paper stuck to the cash register (which explains why I didn't see it earlier).  Just goes to show that the website isn't always up to date, and it does pay to check the store thoroughly.

Sadly, even though I was happy to find something to sample, the soup was terrible.  To be honest, I don't think I've ever had pumpkin soup before, so I don't know if it was just the McDonald's version I didn't like, or if I just don't like it in general.  It was slightly gritty and was very thick, so it would be filling. For the price, it would have been a nice choice for a light meal, as it was a decent size.  The presentation was nice, as it was placed on the tray, with a swirl of cream on top, but by the time I walked the 10m to an open table, the nice swirl disappeared into what is shown on my photo.  After taking the first few tastes, I knew that it would be much better if it had some black pepper which I didn't bother to go get, because 3 tastes was enough for me.  McD's HK increased most of their prices at the beginning of the year, and even though this is vegetarian, it is more expensive than last years'  'Tomato Seafood Soup' attempt (though this was before the blog days, so I didn't try it even though it was available).
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