23 February, 2012

Chicken Scorcher & Bubblegum Squash McFlurry - Auckland, New Zealand - February 2012 (Also Hong Kong Ranger Burger)

The Aussie ad, couldn't find an NZ version.

The other available McFlurries
Consumed on 10/02/2012
Location - 260 Queen, Auckland, New Zealand
Price - Chicken Scorcher combo - $8.90NZD = $7.38USD.  McFlurry - $3.60NZD = $2.99USD
Rating - Chicken Scorcher 4/5.  Bubblegum McFlurry 3/5
Also - click to see a preview of the new Hong Kong - Mighty Ranger Burger

It was my first time in New Zealand, and though I was unlucky with my timing in Australia a few years ago (I was only able to try a Seared Tandoori Snack Wrap), I was able to sample New Zealand's promotional 'Chicken Scorcher'.  It was available in Australia a few weeks prior (promotional photo shown above) and was just now making across the Tasman.  I debated ordering this as I have had other 'Spicy' chicken sandwiches in other countries, or the other unique sounding item on the menu, 'The Boss', but when I asked the girl at the counter what it was, and she described it as 'A Big Mac without the middle bread' it made the decision for me.  I also opted for on of the 4 new McFlurry flavours.  The Bubblegum Squash sounded and looked the most disgusting, so that was the one I went for. I was hoping for something a little more special, like the KiwiBurger (a burger topped with beetroot and other things) that they offer during limited times, but I wasn't so lucky, hopefully next time.

I like spicy food, and the burger did have a nice flavour to it.  The patty had spice, as well as the mayo.  It was easily spicier than the 'Shanghai Chicken Spice' you get here in Korea.  The breading on the chicken itself was not overly oily, and the meat wasn't fatty or chewy like some of the chicken patties you get here in Asia.  (Burger King in Korea having the absolute worst Chicken burgers,avoid at all cost). Though the restaurant was heaving with people during the busy lunch time rush, it was cooked nicely, and served very hot.  The Bubblegum Squash McFlurry, although expensive, wasn't as terrible as the frightening blue colour made it look.  It actually had a pretty subtle bubblegum flavour, and the marshmallows on top were soft.  Personally I don't like marshmallows, but I was able to eat these.  There wasn't enough ice cream to make it worth the $3.60 price, but there were a tonne of tourists ordering them.  This down town Auckland branch had a big dining area, but it seemed that 50% of the seats were taken up by Korean students bunkered down and studying English (for what would undoubtedly be the rest of the day), and nearly all of them had a McFlurry, so they do sell, even at the inflated price.  It was also nice to see that both promotional items had their own unique packaging, and both items were being heavily promoted in-store (but almost non-existent on their website

Ranger Series - Hong Kong
My friend Hugh, just messaged me with the new Hong Kong promotional item, the Mighty Ranger Burger.  A quarter pounder, topped with a hashbrown, bacon, mustard sauce and a pepper sauce, served with onion rings!  Sounds pretty good if you ask me, and though I probably won't be in HK soon enough to try it. It will be 37.30HKD for the combo and will probably be offered only in March 2012.