06 February, 2012

CBO Cheesy Bacon & Oreo Tart & Wedge Fries - Madrid Spain - January 2012

My order
The CBO - Cheesy Bacon Edition
Consumed on 18 January 2012
Location - Madrid, Spain
Price - CBO CB Combo -6.35 = $8.30USD.  Oreo Tart - 1.95 = $2.55USD
Rating - CBO CB - 4/5.  Oreo Tart - 2/5

Look at the size of the tart on the menu!

A very nice interior

Inside the tart.


Other items available only from the McCafe kiosk. 

Good morning from the All Nippon Airways domestic business class lounge from Osaka-Kansai Airport.  I have 2 hours to kill before my connection to Tokyo, so what better time to write a review.  This is a continuation of the items I tried during my Europe trip with my mother earlier in January.  The promotional item this visit was a limited time variant of the Euro-standard CBO.  The standard CBO is available in most (if not all) EU countries, but this 'Cheesy Bacon' edition was unique to Spain.  Taken from the www.mcdonalds.es, the differences are:
"Los ingredientes de la nueva CBO Cheesy Bacon:
Delicioso pollo con crujiente rebozado, salsa original, lechuga, loncha de queso Gouda, finas lonchas de bacon y el siempre excelente pan con sésamo y virutas de bacon hacen de esta hamburguesa una exquisitez."

Google Translate says:
"The ingredients of the new CBO Cheesy Bacon:

Delicious chicken with crispy batter, original sauce, lettuce, slice of Gouda cheese, thin slices of bacon and the always excellent bread with sesame and bacon chips make this burger a delicacy."

First, I wanted to make a slight comment on the name, the original promotional material for the standard CBO always promotes the bacon as its main selling point, as it has two slices on the sandwich, and also bacon bites on top of the bun. For the variant to be called the "Cheesy Bacon" and to not include any more/different bacon, was a little strange to me. I biggest difference was that it used a actual deli slice of Gouda cheese, instead of the standard McD's cheddar, and it had a crispier breading on the chicken.  It had a nice taste, and the nicer cheese was a nice change.  It must be known, that even with the higher quality ingredients, it was the same price as the standard CBO.

The tart was a spur of the moment purchase.  I saw them being promoted on the website before I arrived, but I wasn't sure if it was going to be a McCafe offering or not.  It was offered at the regular counters, so I thought I'd give it a go.  Now, normally I'm not that shocked when an item does not really look like its promotional photos, I know how perfect they need to make them look, and the amount of money spent to do them, but when she put the cake on the tray, I was shocked by the size.  Both the poster on the wall, the website showed a small cake, with a traditional full-size Oreo cookie stuck in the top.  The website calls them 'Cake to Go' but the reiept called them a 'tart'.  The actual size of the 'cake' was only about the diameter that the regular Oreo cookie would have been.  It had an one of the mini-Oreos stuck in the top (see photo).  It tasted really good, had a good softness, and texture to it, but it was only big enough for a bite and a half.  I could have easily eaten it in only one mouthful. For the size, 2 Euro was indeed very dear.

Time to board my flight.  Until next time.