02 February, 2012

1955 Burger & Veggie Burger TS - Munich, Germany - January 2012

The Promo Box of my 1955 Burger

My Veggie TS burger

Consumed on 20 Jan 2012
Location - Tal 8, Munich, Germany
Price - 1955 Combo, with free chicken nuggets - €7.50 (with coupon) = $9.87USD (Includes 19% VAT)
Veggie Burger TS - €1.49 = $1.96 (Includes 19% VAT)
Rating - 1955 Burger 5/5.  Veggie Burger 4/5

Unwrapped Veggie TS
The actual Veggie patty

Unboxing the 1955
Inside the 1955 Burger
My mother and I never planned to stop in Germany en route from Spain to Greece (doing the Euro Bankruptcy Tour, but Aegean Airlines cut service from Madrid, so we were rerouted on Lufthansa via Munich.  Rather than taking the 90 minute connection my mother and I gave ourselves 12 hours, as neither of us had been to Munich before.  After taking the S-bahn into the city centre, exploring for a few hours, having a nice German lunch, it was time to sample my first ever German McDonald's.  Visiting www.mcdonalds.de, I knew ahead of time their promotional item for January was the 1955 Burger, a large Bacon Cheese Burger, served with a side of 'American Fries', thick cut, wedge cut fries.  The website also offered coupons (since expired), but when I entered, there was a young girl handing out the same sheets of coupons to anyone placing an order.  I wanted to try the promo burger, and they had a coupon that added a free 6-piece nuggets to your meal. I used it, and it seemed like most of the other men ordering were doing the same, the women were more interested in using the €1.50 large latte coupon.  I also ordered the Veggie Burger TS of the €1.49 'SMS' menu, even though I knew I wouldn't be able to finish the food I already ordered, I didn't know if it would still be served in Germany the next time I pass through, so I thought better safe than sorry.

The 1955 burger has made its way around Europe throughout 2011, with its current stop being in Germany.  It is McDonald's Germany "best preforming sandwich".   Read more about it here.  It was as big as its promotional photos made it out to be, much like the more expensive promotional burgers in Japan. But I found it to have much more seasoning and to be juicier than the Japanese ones I usually try.  The barbecue sauce was far too sweet for my liking, the bacon was large, and decently cooked, not overly greasy. Sadly, though the promotional photo shows grilled onion, I couldn't taste them at all, I remember seeing a few pieces buried in there somewhere, but probably raw onion might have provided better flavour in this case.  On all the photos they show it being served with "American Fries" but the woman that took my order said I would have to wait a few minutes for them to cook a new batch, and seeing as I just had the same thing in Spain a few days earlier (review to come), and I wasn't hungry enough to eat them as it was, I just went with the regular chips.

The Veggie Burger was a nice surprise.  For €1.49, it was a decent size, and the patty had a very strong and unique vegetable taste.  Like the 1955, I found it to be spiced quite well.  The cheese on the burger wasn't the same nice cheese as on the 1955, but typical North American style processed junk.  If I lived in Germany I would order this as a snack, but ask for it without cheese, the patty had enough flavour on its own.  I've had Veggies burgers in other McD's before, including recently in Sri Lanka (also in India, and Qatar - reviews will come one day) but those were breaded and deep fried veggie patties, this was different, and easily the best of the lot.

Oh ya, I had a single chicken nugget since the 6-pack was free.  Nothing special there ;)