19 January, 2012

Spinach Beef Snack Wrap & 5-Berry Juice - Beijing China - January 2012

The Wrap, wrapped.
I was surprised that it was served hot.
Unsettling green colour, but tasty
Like most food in China, unappealing look, but good taste.

Consumed on - 16 January 2012
Location - Beijing Chaoyang Station
Price - Wrap & Drink - Y14.50 ($2.30USD).  Berry Drink x2 - Y9.50 ($1.50USD). 
Used coupons - Available Here
Rating - Wrap 5/5.  Berry Drink - 4/5
More photos and review available by clicking the link below

The Branch, just outside Chaoyang Station, attached to Ginza Mall

Good morning, from the Novotel Madrid. This review is from a transit stop I had in Beijing enroute to Madrid a few days ago.  As I only had a few hours in Beijing before I had to make my way back to the airport, could only visit McDonald's during dinner hours.  Usually I like to have my McDonald's meals for lunch, and use dinner to get authentic food.  But this time, I only ordered a snack at McD's so I would still have room for proper Chinese food for dinner.  Also, the promotional burger item at the time was a mushroom topped big burger, and anyone who knows me, the food I hate most in the world are mushrooms, so I happily gave that a pass. Before flying to Beijing, I printed out 2 coupons from here from the Asiana Airlines business class lounge in Incheon Airport, in order to save a bit of money.  

McDonald's in China raised their prices last year, and due to the strengthening Chinese RMB, it is no longer the cheapest McDonald's in the world.  I was shocked to see that the prices are now more than many other countries (including Hong Kong), but the Chinese still fill the restaurants to capacity.  I walked around for maybe 3-4 minutes with my food before finding an open table (which I had to share with 3 other people, common in Asia).  Ordering wasn't a problem as I just handed the server my coupons, and through she had trouble getting them into the computer, my food was out within 30 seconds of ordering.  To the others I was sharing the table with, I must have looked quite strange having only one small snack wrap, three drinks, and taking photos of everything.  

Unwrapping the wrap, I was shocked to see that it was indeed as green as the promotional photo.  It also had a strong spinach smell coming off it.  It was larger than the wraps I've had in the US, Canada and Korea, and the tortilla was thicker and this spinach version had flavour than the others I've tried.  The filling was not all the unique, as it was just a standard Big Mac patty, lettuce, tomato and mayo, but together with the spinach tortilla, it was a nice snack. If I had the option I would choose the spinach wrap over the standard any day.

The juice in the promotional photos was red juice, shown to be served in small tea cups.  But when I ordered it, I received a small coffee cup size full of very sweet juice.  It was served hot and had a red colour identical to the promotional photo, which was again, a surprise.  Also, it seemed like it was 100% juice, though not stating so anywhere on the promotional photos.  Of the '5' berries supposedly in the juice, I could taste raspberry the most.  As the drink settled, you could see sediment settling on the top and bottom of the cup, further supporting my idea that this was indeed 'real' juice.  It was good and would be a very nice subsitute for coffee on a cold Chinese winter day, but having 2 rather large coffee cups full of it, would have sent my sugar levels through the roof, so I only finished one cup.  I attempted to give the 2nd cup (which I didn't open or touch) to a man sitting next to me, but he refused.