31 January, 2012

McToast - Athens Greece - January 2012

Simple Sandwich Day Post #2
Consumed on 22 January 2012
Location - Syntagma Square, Athens Greece
Price - 1.00 = $1.30USD
Rating - 4/5

The McToast is the European equivalent of the Grilled Cheese available in Canada.  Though the cost is even cheaper than the Canadian Grilled Cheese (Greece's 23% VAT is built into the price), the ingredients used in the McToast, were easily noticeable to be of a much higher quality.  They used double the amount of cheese (2 slices of nicer tasting Swiss cheese, as opposed to 1 Cheddar in the Canadian one), and it had albeit thin, a slice of ham.  The bread was not just pressed and heated like the Canadian one, but it was slightly toasted, and the cheese was fully melted within. Like the Canadian, this was also offered within the Happy Meal.