31 January, 2012

Grilled Cheese - LaSalle Canada - July 2011

Simple Sandwich Day Post #1
Consumed on 01 July 2011
Location - Lasalle Ontario Canada
Price - $1.29CAD - $1.29USD + 13%VAT
Rating - 0/5
Being such a simple sandwich, I won't post a long and detailed review.  The only unique thing about this sandwich is that it was not posted anywhere on the menu on the wall, though it was on the nutritional information sheet.  My sister being a vegetarian knew about it (and I've been since told that it is offered in the Happy Meal.   Its a 2 middle slices of the Big Mac buns pressed together with a single slice of processed cheese in the centre.  It was as boring, bland and as tasteless as it looked.  Had one bite and it went to my sister who actually orders this quite often.  Sad that for the same $1.29 you can get a double cheese burger...