07 December, 2011

Green Tea McFlurry - Seoul, Korea - January 2009

From Naver Street View, since Google Street View was banned in Korea

Consumed on - 13 January 2009
Location - McDonald's Jongak Station, Seoul Korea
Price - 1,600KRW = $1.40USD
Rating - 4/5

I tried the Green Tea McFlurry during my third visit to Korea, in January 2009. It was a regular menu item before being discontinued in 2010, around the same time they discontinued another local favourite, the Shrimp Burger.

I don't know the reason why McDonald's axed this flavour and left the other three, it always seemed to be the most popular choice with the locals (I have NEVER witnessed anyone order the Berry Chocolate).  Also strange was that the Green Tea McFlurry was one of the few prohibited McDelivery (McDonald's in-house scooter delivery service) items, they would deliver the other flavours at the time, but not the green tea. I was told this was because it melted quicker than the others, I assumed it was due to the lack of cream in the McFlurry, but since the elimination of the green tea flavour, they have also stopped delivering the Choco Berry and Choco Oreo flavoured McFlurry's.

When McDonald's started posting the number of calories in their food, the Green Tea McFlurry had half the calories of the others. Although the price of the McFlurry has slightly increased in price since trying it in 2009, it is still a good value, even though it is roughly 1/3 smaller than a western McFlurry.  I only tried it once, and I remember it having a very strong green tea taste.  I have had other green tea ice creams in Korea and abroad, but this one was the strongest I had.  Unlike other McFlurry flavours this was NOT flavouring mixed into vanilla ice cream, but its own standalone green tea ice cream. Posting this really reminds me to sample the Berry Chocolate I have still yet to try it.