11 December, 2011

Coffee Oreo McFlurry & Double Lime Sundae - Singapore - November 2011

From Streetdirectory.com - McDonald's Hougang Mall

Consumed on - 20 November 2011
Location - McDonald's Hougang Mall
Price - McFlurry - $2.20SGD = $1.70USD.  Sundae - $2.20SGD = $1.70USD
Rating - McFlurry - 4/5.   Sundae - 5/5

I was in Singapore about two months prior to this trip in November 2011, and I was so busy with eating with my friend Karlson at the time, I never made it to McDonald's to see what they had.  I checked the website prior to visiting as always, and I didn't see any limited edition items, so I never bothered to enter and look.  But this trip was different, as I had started writing this blog by then, and not seeing anything special on the website for the second trip in a row, I thought at least I could sample a McCafe item as a last resort.  But thankfully, when I entered, I found at least 2 dessert items that were on promotion.  The first being the 'Coffee Oreo McFlurry' (sorry about the blurry photo, I've since purchased a new camera), which was only available at the separate dessert kiosk and a part of McDonald's 'a cuppa Chillin' promotion. This limited edition made the McFlurry 20 Singapore cents more expensive then a standard flavours, but it was still cheap at $2.20SGD.  The second dessert item, strangely, wasn't being offered at the dessert kiosk, but only inside the store, and it was a 'Double Lime Sundae with Nata De Coco', which at the time I had no idea what that was supposed to be.  I queued up for the McFlurry, while my friend Karlson waited for the Sundae. They also had what seemed to be two special 'Flavour Burst' ice cream cones, that had either Apple or Chocolate syrup spread around it, and Coffee Oreo Milk Shakes, but two orders of ice cream was enough for one day. They were also offering a promotion where if you ordered two double burgers (McSpicy, Filet-o-fish or Quarter Pounder) you would get the sundae for free, see the promotional photo above.

I was plesantly surprised with the Coffee Oreo McFlurry, as it was not just a coffee flavouring, but rather freshly ground little bits of coffee.  It wasn't so bitter as one would expect having raw coffee beans, and the combination with the Oreo was nice. Now I am not a fan of sweetened coffee drinks whatsoever, but I enjoyed this.  I suspect that I wouldn't have enjoyed the coffee shakes nearly as much, but if I lived in Singapore, I would order this again (it was especailly nice as it was 33 degrees in Singapore that November day!)

The sundae, had a frighteningly green colour too it, and had probably 3X the amount of syrup that one would expect on a McDonald's sundae, the photo I took doesn't do it justice with the amount of syrup, it was probably a 1:1 syrup to ice cream ratio. The 'Nata De Coco' was coconut jelly, and it often found in Taiwanese bubble tea.  They added surprisingly large chunks to the sundae, and the subtle coconut flavouring was a nice contrast to the slightly sour lime syrup.  You can read more about the Nata De Coco, from its Wikipedia article - here.  When I Googled this item to find the promotional photos for my blog, alot of other Singapore-based food bloggers have praised it, calling the lime syrup addictive.  I really hope it becomes a standard item, as I want to try it again.