26 October, 2011

Shanghai Spice Chicken Deluxe - Seoul Korea - September 2011

This is the 2nd Limited-Edition 'Deluxe' variations McDonald's Korea has had in 2011. It is the standard McDonald's Korea 'Shanghai Spice Chicken', but the 'Deluxe-ing' is to add bacon, a special mayo. and a slightly bigger bun.  The Deluxe edition costs 1,000-1,500W (depending on lunch or dinner) more than the standard.

Consumed on - 18 September 2011 (Written on 26 October 2011)
Price - 5,900KRW (~$5.50USD) - The promotion 4500W is only for lunch.
Location - McDonald's COEX
Rating - 4/5.  The standard Shanghai Spice already being a favourite of mine, I really enjoyed this Deluxe edition.  I don't think bacon and a bigger bun are worth the 1,500W premium during lunch time, but the 1,000W premium during dinner prices make it worth a try.