29 October, 2011

Fish Sticks - Cairo, Egypt - June 2008

In the summer of 2008 I visited McDonald's twice during my two week trip around Egypt.  At the time, this was the only promotional item on the menu.  Regrettably, I have lost the photo of the receipt, so I cannot remember how much I paid for it, and I cannot find any information online regarding the promotion (other than what I posted on Wikipedia about it).   What I do remember is the taste, though it was the only item I ordered ordered during this visit, I remember I had to wait at a table with a number for it to be brought out as they didn't have any prepared at the time.  The breading was thicker than the fillet-o-fish sandwich breading, and the fish inside resembled proper fish, rather than the unidentifiable paste that is often inside a fillet-o-fish. Being essentially cooked to order, they were very hot, and therefore were quite nice, but I could tell if they were to sit, and end up being served lukewarm, they wouldn't be nearly as nice.  Not being a fan of tartar sauce, I didn't enjoy the dip, which wasn't 100% tartar, but mixed with something else (not sure if this was an Egyptian thing, or just a poor McDonald's attempt at tartar).

Google searches have told me that fish sticks are a common Happy Meal item in the U.K., but photos show them to be slightly different than these.  If anyone can help me find McD's promo photos from Egypt at the time, or can remember the price of this dish, please send me an email, or post a comment here.

Consumed on - 24 June 2008
Price - Unknown
Location - McDonald's 'City Stars Shopping Centre'
Rating - 4/5