26 October, 2011

Ayam Goreng McD & Milo Supreme McFlurry - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - September 2011

A regular menu item at Malaysian McDonald's, the Ayam Goreng McD is 2 pieces of fried chicken. You have the option to have the Spicy (which I picked), and a Regular version.  I was in the busy lunch-time rush at this McD's and it seemed that 4/5 people were choosing this over the other options.  Like other Asian countries Malaysian McD's had special lunch-time pricing.  The Milo Supreme McFlurry was a Limited edition McFlurry having crushed milo powered mixed throughout, and then topped with large Milo balls.  Like other South-East Asian countries, you can self-serve chilli sauce for dipping.

Consumed on - 12 September 2011 (Written on 26 October 2011)
Price - McFlurry 4RM (~$1.25), Ayam Goreng McD set 8.5RM (~$2.70USD) [Lunch Hour pricing]
Location - Berjaya Times Square

Rating -
Milo Supreme McFlurry - 4/5.  It was cheap and tasty.  It was a very hot day walking around Kuala Lumpur, so an ice cream was just what I needed.
Ayam Goreng McD - 2/5.  It was cheap, but that's pretty much all it was.  I'm usually a fan of anything 'spicy', but this was not spicy at all.  There was a tonne of batter, and hardly any chicken underneath.  I was disappointed, and threw most of it away.