Travel History

I keep my travel history mapped out on Click the banner below to be taken to my interactive map.


  1. It would be great if you shared how/why you travel so frequently!

  2. Happy to see you have seen three major cities in South Africa.

  3. Hi James! Nice blog keep up the good work!
    I hope u will come and taste Romanian Mc specialities:

  4. You have to come to NZ again and try any of the Angus beef burgers, we have that thing which lets you design your own burger with the exact ingredients you want and then they make it and serve it to you at your table. I'm not sure if they have that in other countries but honestly I don't think anything compares to our Angus beef and home grown/made ingredients.

    1. I had the pleasure of visiting NZ last year and doing that!

  5. You should go to Finland and eat the rye bread burgers. Would be quite an experience! They also might have some limited edition stuff, which are pretty interesting