29 July, 2016

Vietnamese Coffee - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - July 2016

McDonald's Vietnam Vietnamese Coffee - July 2016
After a minute of filtration.
Consumed on 16 July 2016
Location - McDonald's Buu Dien, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
Price  - 30,000VND = $1.35USD
Calories - 10kcal

Going to keep this one brief as I found it pretty hard to write a proper review on just a cup of coffee, but this was a cup worth writing about.  During my last trip to Vietnam, I noticed the Banh Mi sandwich for sale on my first day there, but I wanted to review it closer to my departure.  On my 2nd to last afternoon in the country I found a very nice looking McDonald's just across from the central post office, and very near the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon. This, like all the McDonald's in Ho Chi Minh were converted old buildings so the wife and I felt we'd stop and have a cup of coffee, even if this branch didn't sell the Banh Mi I was looking for.  I placed my order for a single cup of "Vietnamese Coffee" and was asked to take a seat and wait.  

About 2 minutes later a tray was brought over to our table with a cup, filter, a small cup of hot water and a spoon was placed on our table. The waitress placed the filter on top the cup, poured the water into the filter, covered it with a lid and quickly left.  The filter was the standard "Vietnamese filter" which is found all over, which is a cross between a french press, and a drip filter.  The first few drops fed through the filter, then it stopped, with less than a mouthful of coffee in the cup.  I take it that's what the spoon was for, as a quick jostling and movement of the coffee inside started the flow back up. It actually took a good 5 minutes for the coffee to finish it's brew, and we were left with about the equivalent of a double espresso. I gave it a sip, and it was actually very pleasant, but I like both strong coffee and espresso.  It wasn't bitter, and had a smooth finish unlike most coffee you get in Asia.  I'm far from a coffee snob, nor am I a professional  so I can't really try and explain what "undertones" or "fragrance" I was experiencing, but if I had to compare it to coffee I've had before, I would say it was closest to that in Ethiopia.

The Wife however does not drink espresso, and although she still likes her coffee black, we had to cut it a bit with ice water before should could enjoy it.  Adding some cold water simply turned it into an Americano, and it actually still ended up tasting quite good. 

Rating - 5/5

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  1. For your wife, you should have ordered cà phê sữa đá. Which is the more traditional Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk. It is still very strong but also very sweet and delicious.