08 June, 2012

Local Deluxe Breakfast - Honolulu, Hawaii - May 2010

Consumed on - 21 May 2010
Location - Honolulu Hawaii
Price - $4.69USD
Calories - ~900kcal!
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I'd first like to apologise for not writing a review for the past week, but I've been busy with school, applying for jobs, and booking tickets to leave Korea (which gives me a couple transit stops to try new McDonald's items along the way).

This is another review of a meal I had a few years ago.  The Local Deluxe Breakfast is one of the special items that you can only get on the US islands of Hawaii, the 'Deluxe' is the larger and most expensive of the 3 breakfast platters as it contains both Portuguese Sausage and Spam, the others are ~1$ cheaper but only contain one of the two meats. Spam is unbelievably popular in Korea (so much so that they actually sell Spam gift sets to give out during holidays), so I'm surprised that this never caught on here.  The Spam at McDonald's was fried less than expected, I prefer it cooked longer, but the Portuguese sausage was firm and had a nice flavour.  The eggs had enough flavour and they weren't runny.  I thought they served far too much rice than any one person should be eating for one meal, especially for breakfast, but I always seem to say that when talking about US portion sizes.  It was served with a small packet of soy sauce, (just in case there wasn't enough sodium in the meat), but I would have needed another packet or two just to sufficiency flavour the amount of rice.

I remember the McDonald's was pretty busy and I was able to get a seat at an outdoor table, and a quick look around I saw I was the only person who was eating the breakfast sets.  At $4.69, you could probably fill yourself up with the dollar menu a little better than this.

This isn't the only special item at Hawaiian, I was able to try the Coconut Pie before.  McDonald's in Hawaii also had the Taro Pie, which I didn't sample because its easily available around Asia, and most Waikiki McDonald's served Pineapple slices with their set menus which I think gives them an excuse to charge higher prices than anywhere else in Hawaii (and the US).  Apparently at the time I tried this, they also had a instant noodle dish called Saimin available, but I never saw it on the menu, nor have I during subsequient trips to Hawaii, I'll be sure to ask for it next time I'm through.

Rating - 3/5


  1. Was it real Spam or a Mcdonald's Spam substitute?

  2. It was being marketed as Spam on the menu, so I would hope so

  3. Give me a break...it's reduced sodium Spam that's served at McDonald's in Hawaii. Trust me, I know.

  4. Saimin is always available, it might be hard to find on the menu or pushed off, but it is there.

    Fun fact:
    Hawaii McDonalds and the first Hawaii franchisee, Maurice J. "Sully" Sullivan, “...convinced Ray Kroc to expand McDonald’s menu for the first time in its corporate history to include a local “ethnic” food”. source "Companies We Keep"

    So your quest should have started in Honolulu with Saimin, the deluxe platter, haupia pie. Hawaii is the Asia of the USA and was also the reason Starbucks made it to Asia.

    1. Actually, Guam is the 'Asia of the USA', and having been both places, Guam wins, hands-down.

  5. Fun Fact: The Local Deluxe Platter is available also in Guam too! I have been living in Guam for like 7 years and I have not seen a McDonalds in Guam not carry this menu item. My favorite also!

  6. all mcdonalds here in hawaii have saimin but its over 3$. The brand they use is okahara and its waaay cheaper at kta or walmart.